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At The Garden House: Rodgersia pinnata ‘Crug Cardinal’

IMG_3351 IMG_3352Rodgersia pinnata ‘Crug Cardinal’ is a deeper pink than most, and I see has a faint red tinge round the edges of its leaves. There’s a Rodgersia at Branklyn Garden in Perth, where the red rim round the leaves is quite pronounced, but the head gardener there wouldn’t let me, nor anyone else, have any of it. I had the plan species, in which the red tint was just as in this variety.

At The Garden House, Buckland Monachorum: Styrax japonica

IMG_3307At Lionel Fortescue’s amazing garden, The Garden House: this is the first of quite a number of photographs taken today of some of the most appealing features of this wonderful garden. This awful photograph is of Styrax japonica, included because we saw one at Fursdon the other day, and failed to recognise what it was. is the website for The Garden House.

At The Garden House: Campanula in dry stone wall

IMG_3315At The Garden House: Campanula, growing out of the dry stone walls. I don’t know what the species is, C. muralis perhaps? I had one is Scotland which crept upwards as well as down.

Jane Schofield: Thats porscharskyana (sp?) I think. One of the two rampant por- ones anyway. Only one has starry flowers. Very useful as after flowering you just yank off the dead stems and its small and neat again. Have masses here. You need to come back with a car!

Edward Verner:  I nearly typed Porsche… but found the spelling a bit daunting