Sweet Peas in Devon

imageMy sweet peas seem to have weathered this afternoon’s thunderstorm and deluge, but this rather dismal photograph shows that they are not even close to producing a flower.

By contrast, these gorgeous sweet peas have found their way onto Facebook, in Devon, and I am envious.


Jane Schofield:  They grew on the landing windowsill to about 18″ tall and were pinched out twice. If I don’t put out big plants, the slugs have them the first night…… I also always buy the cheapest seeds now as they are always better for some reason. This is one pack of ordinary and one pack of old fashioned, each 69p per pack!!

This is a lesson for me too:  I’ve come to the conclusion that it is no good sowing anything in the open ground, ever, because everything will be eaten, and I need to curb my habit of planting out too early for the same reason.

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