Geranium with blue flowers


This is the only geranium in the garden with a blue flower, and I’ve found it difficult to identify, as there are so many varieties. I’ve ruled out the ones that I know best, that is, ‘Buxton’s Variety’, ‘Johnson’s Blue’ and ‘Rozanne’

I think it must be Geranium ‘Skinners’. It is not a very prolific flowerer, but perhaps that’s because it has grown up without help of any kind.

imageShoemakers Garden has plenty of pink-flowered Geraniums, which should be identifiable when I can get around to doing that.  One of them I know well as G. macrorrhizum ‘Album’, but the others are harderto nail down.

imageI am going to try and sort out which the other geraniums are; in the autumn there will be a great many ready for division and disposal, but too many people are in the same boat, so i may have to end up throwing the divisions away, which I hate doing.


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