Rosa complicata

One way to help make sure I am not overwhelmed by roses, is to exclude all hybrid tea roses, which I don’t like much because they don’t seem to like going with anything, and which involve too much care.  I would rather have climbers and shrub roses, preferably ones I can smell.

imageI have dug out a number of very old gnarled hybrid teas from what seems to have been a rose bed once, leaving the lovely R. ‘Fru Dagmar Hastrup’ which I was able to identify because I had one in Scotland.  It is now recovering from several years of neglect, and seems very healthy and well set up for next season.

I planted one more shrub rose earlier this year, which is now more or less over, R. ‘Complicata’.   It has gallica in its parentage, but has large single flowers and quite a lax habit, so that I can treat it as a shrub rose, and also as a climbing one at the same time.  imageAlthough it just has a six-week flowering period, it does produce big hips later on. There seems to be quite a lot of variation in the colour,  with the centres of the flowers which tend to be a paler pink, and with the intensity of the pink colour overall.

But as roses go it seems very versatile, and should combine well with almost anything.

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