Clematis viticella

i think Clematis viticella  must be the most useful and versatile climber there can be.  At present I have only two trees as such in the garden, the fairly mature Betula jacquemontii (or more properly B. utilis var. jacquemontii) and the disappointing Acer palmatum ‘Red Flamingo’.  As it happens I don’t want to grow clematis up either of them, but for the three trees I plan on planting this Autumn, I want to grow  C . viticella up each one of them.  imageI already have one growing on Ceonothus concha which flowers beautifully but spends the rest of the year looking rather dull, and this is C.v. ‘Purpurea Plena Elegans’, which is about to flower any day now.

The three trees are Malus sargentii, Prunus avium ‘Sunburst’ and Pyrus salicifolia ‘Pendula’.

C.v. 'Emilia Plater'

C.v. ‘Emilia Plater’

My favourite is C.v. ‘Emilia Plater’ which is a delicate grey blue, which I think should pair up well with the crab apple.




C.v. 'Victor Hugo'

C.v. ‘Victor Hugo’

C.v. ‘Victor Hugo’ is a strong deep violet, and should look stunning scrambling over the silver pear tree,




and C.v. ‘Caerulea Luxurians’ with its palest blue/white flowers should suit the cherry very well.



As an afterthought, I might well see if I can persuade Tropaeolum speciosum to grow into the Ceonothus: that would brighten it up after it’s over, and no mistake, though it is galling to think that I would have to pay £5 for a plant here, when I could have got 100 plants from my previous garden at no expense at all.

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