Aster and Campanula

i am always looking for good plant combinations (like the Lychnis coronaria with Geranium ‘Rozanne’ which I mentioned in the last post), and I think I may have found one.

imageThis is Aster laterifolius ‘Lady in Black’ (I found the label), and growing up through it is a Campanula persicifolia, which was not planted or sown by me, but just arrived there (and in several other places in the garden, all as singletons).  The result is far from spectacular just yet,  but I think it is going to be a success when both plants have become better established and spread a bit. imageThe Aster doesn’t need staking, although a metre high or more, which is a big plus, and has this spectacular bronze/purple leaf and stem colour, topped eventually (after the Campanula has finished), by a lot of fairly small white flowers, dusky pink in the middle

The Aster won’t be ready for division next spring unless it makes a lot more growth than it has so far, but I am keen to increase its presence as quickly as I can.  The Campanula I shall cut down the moment it has finished flowering, in hope of a second go in the autumn.  I can collect seed from the other campanulas instead.

Aster with D. 'Bishop of Llandaff' planted alongside

Aster with D. ‘Bishop of Llandaff’ planted alongside

It seems to me that two plants would also combine rather well with the Aster, and these are Verbena bonariensis (which I already have), and my favorite dahlia, D. ‘Bishop of Llandaff” which I bought a couple of days ago and have planted alongside.

imageIf I can just get one of my grown-from-seed hollyhocks, with practically black flowers, to raise its head behind the whole assemblage, i think the whole thing will be a good look.


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