Lysimachia punctata and L. mumularia ‘Aurea’

These two species could hardly be more different from one another, apart from sharing their yellow flower colour.  Both grow widely round here, and both have made their home in my border without  me having been involved (I did bring in a plant of L.m. ‘Aurea’ with me from Scotland by mistake, as well).

Lysimachia nummularia 'Aurea'

Lysimachia nummularia ‘Aurea’

L.m. ‘Aurea’ is of course Creeping Jenny, not to everyone’s taste particularly because it can become invasive, but an effective ground cover, in deep shade as well as sun I’ve found.  I like to use it as a marker for plants that aren’t up when it is around.

Lysimachia punctata

Lysimachia punctata

Lysimachia punctata is Garden Loostrife, which I don’t know well and haven’t grown before, but it seems to tick a lot of boxes. I’ve  found a website,, which seems very comprehensive and helpful (albeit American; it needs a UK equivalent).  It seems to tolerate any soil, any degree of shade or lack of it, wet or dry, acid or alkaline, not liked by rabbits allegedly, easy to grow, and long flowering.  So far it doesn’t need staking either.

I don’t particularly like where it has put itself, next to Lychnis coronaria ‘Alba’, but at least it should be easy to move.  I am warned about avoiding the waterside plant Purple Loosetrife  which is Lythrum, not actually related,  and I know can be invasive.


One thought on “Lysimachia punctata and L. mumularia ‘Aurea’

  1. This lysimachia can be extremely invasive in damp ground. I am constantly digging it out. Attempting to contain it in the wilder parts now so it can be controlled by lawnmower! I like it though. But not as much as I like the red leaved version, which I think is L ciliata ‘firecracker’, which also takes over in damp ground. The best is white lysimachia clethroides though, which even manages to die off prettily with good autumn colour. L ephemerum also lovely, but a bit too restrained for my chaotic planting……

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